Sadman Shawmik

Sadman Shawmik

Software Engineer

Work Experience

  • 2020 — 2022
    Software Engineer II at Industry Dive


    - Launched 3 publication sites on an in-house Django-based CMS used by 100+ editors serving 12M+ business leaders.

    - Collaborated with stakeholders, designers, product managers, internal teams, and customers to launch and maintain 12 high-volume traffic demand gen websites serving 2M+ unique visitors per month.

    - Streamlined and refreshed development toolchain using Webpack, Babel, Autoprefixer, ESLint, StyleLint, and Husky.

    - Conducted code reviews, pair programming, onboarded new hires to help other engineers.

    - Contributed in screening and interviewing candidates for Software Engineer roles.

    - Consolidated documentation on team processes, how-tos, best practices, hiring and interviewing, and client knowledge base.

  • 2020 — 2021
    Technical Consultant at Oval HR


    Oval HR provides talent acquisition services to small and mid-sized companies globally. My responsibilities here as a Technical Consultant included screening and interviewing candidates for tech hires and providing consultancy on employment retention strategies for employees in engineering or other technical positions.

  • 2018 — 2020
    Front End Developer at Welcome Software

    Dhaka, Bangladesh

    - Responsible for collaborating with in-house and external designers to develop, test, and deploy publishing hubs for Fortune 500 clients.

    - Developed a web app where customers can generate interactive content (quizzes, polls, carousels, etc.) and embed them in their publishing hubs.

    - Streamlined local development process and deployment using Git, Ansible, and Docker.

Side Projects

  • Ongoing

    Embeddable poll & quiz builder SaaS.

  • Ongoing

    Working on, which is a platform for people to buy and sell pre-loved clothes. Created a fully-specified serverless backend using Vercel Serverless Functions. Developed a test suite with Mocha. Created a front-end using Next.js incremental Static Site Generation.


  • 2022 — Now

    MSc, Computer Science at Concordia University

    Montréal, QC, Canada

    Relevant coursework: Software Engineering, Algorithms

  • 2015 — 2018

    BSc, Computer Science at  Brac University

    Dhaka, Bangladesh

    GPA: 3.56/4.00

    Relevant coursework: Algorithms, Data Structures, Programming for the Internet, Database Systems, Artificial Intelligence

Technical Skills

  • Languages & Frameworks

    JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js, React.js, Next.js, Vue.js, jQuery, SCSS, Python, Django, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, WordPress

  • Tools

    Git, Docker, Ansible, Babel, Webpack, Jira